Campolongo sul B. (VI): The assessment of a rock quarry slope stability by aerial photogrammetry and 3D processing

La problematica

Envicom Associates has been commissioned to conduct a stability assessment of an excavation front inside a limestone quarry on the Asiago Plateau.

Work has developed in the following phases:

  • Geomechanical survey:

In the reaches of the excavation front, a geomechanical survey with a classic method was carried out in order to acquire the necessary data for the rock mass characterization affected by the excavation.

  • Aerofotogrammetric survey:

With our technology partner, a multi-rotor survey of the entire site  was planned and carried out in order to obtain, through photogrammetric processing, a detailed 3D model on which to perform subsequent analysis. To ensure a high precision of the survey, markers were placed both on the ground and on the wall, which were subsequently measured with a total station.

  • Three-dimensional modeling, structural analysis and stability assessment:

From the drone images, a point cloud was created and then the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) of the area under examination. The point cloud was then elaborated with software to examine the geological and structural context of the rock mass, validating the data acquired by manual measurements from the ground.
Finally, sections related to the most critical areas for the stability assessment have been extrapolated.


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Render 3D della cava

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