Sizing and calculation of a supporting structure necessary to ensure stability of an embankment road infrastructure


At “Envicom associates” has been assigned the stability check of the slopes grounds of a raised road along the S.S 7 Taranto – Bari and the planning of a supporting structure made by micropiles, to install in order to grant road infrastructure stability during decontamination works through “Dig & Dump” technique along a side of an embankment road.

The activities consisted in:

1. Reconstruction of the geological and geotechnical model of the interest area;

The geotechnical model was created inside the Limited Equilibrium Method software SSAP2010, used for the complete stability verification of natural and artificial hillsides or with reinforcement parts, with whom there were made raised stability analysis.

2. Stability verifications:

In this phase there were made verifications concerned these main situations:

  • Stability veification in current situation;
    • The stability verification concerning excavation underlines the need to provide the creation of a support system for the excavation face in order to proceed with decontamination through excavation.

After all, there was designed a supporting structure in micropiles. The structure in micropiles was headed into calcareous bedrock, and it is composed by reinforced concrete piles, 7 m in length, 200 mm diameter and 400 mm D1 wheelbase.

  • Work-ground complex stability verification in dry and satured slope condition, simulating the most critical raised condition.

In the following verifications the safety factor values were > 1,5; These values represent acceptable safety condition for works execution.

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