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Our Services

Are you building a house or shed?
Then it is important to know the nature of the terrain on which the geotechnical foundations will rest.

Do you want to make sure the land you are interested in buying is not contaminated?
Then it is important to do an environmental investigation in order to protect yourself from any environmental remediation costs.

Do you want to understand the local context to help you prepare an urban intervention?
Then implement a strategy involving the reconstruction of the region through the collection of environmental information and the preparation of a map database that makes it immediately available.

Do you think it would be better to know if “there’s a pipe under there” before digging? Do you want to know if something dangerous might be buried there?
Thanks to geophysical prospecting you can explore what is undergound from the surface, without risking damage to what is below and not yet visible.


Our different experiences and technical skills developed over time allow us to operate as Field Engineer, Site Manager, and Project Manager in a flexible way both in terms of direct management and execution of projects as well as assigning specific tasks within complex projects.



  • Management and assistance in building sites;
    Design of geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological 360 ° imaging;
  • Provision of integrated monitoring systems;
  • Geological and geotechnical reports to verify building foundations and natural and artificial slope stability;
  • Work management for mining activities;
  • Studies for the classification and characterization of rock masses after excavation and natural slope stability analysis, their possible long-term evolution and their potential environmental risk impact;
  • Determination of the physical and mechanical properties of materials through laboratory accredited tests;
  • Technical monitoring of the construction process: geological consulting during civil engineering operations in order to reduce technical risks and provide opinions about residual risks;
  • Project Validation: compliance of geological media monitoring projects with local regulations and the consequent feasibility before the tendering of work procedures by the Contracting Authority;
  • Verification of the seismic safety of buildings: geological support in seismic reliability assessment of existing buildings in masonry and reinforced concrete;
  • Through our partners we offer: cone penetration tests (CPT, CPTe, CPTu) and dynamic probing (DPSH), shallow and deep continuous core surveys in boreholes: SPT (Standard Penetration Test), permeability tests, Vane Test, pressuremeter tests, dilatometer tests, laboratory tests.


Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAVs or “drones” ) for aerial photogrammetric work in different contexts :

  • Monitoring progress at construction sites,
  • Landfill monitoring;
  • Monitoring of quarries and extraction sites;
  • Support for environmental issues;
  • Identifying illegal building situations;
  • Land use monitoring;
  • Monitoring landslide areas;
  • Analysis of excavation fronts;
  • Monitoring of dams, rivers and reservoirs;
  • Monitoring of beaches and shores.


  • Consultations on issues related to workplace safety by means of qualified personnel in the “environment and safety” areas with the qualification of CSP / CSE , RSSP , auditors BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 .


  • Design of potentially contaminated site characterization plans by geognostic surveys and sampling of environmental matrices (soil and ground water);
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (D. Lgs 152/06) for estimating risk factors and assessing the status of a site contamination;
  • Planning of contaminated sites remediation;
  • LPS training (Loss Prevention System) and Safety Passport 2017 for environmental supervision activities within fuel retail outlets;
  • Environmental quality assessments during oil stations demolition;
  • Monitoring activities during infrastructure construction with the Environmental Inspector to support construction management with supervisory duties of the work in accordance with the requirements contained in the CSA;
  • Two environmental Diligence surveys (phase I and II) to identify potential environmental liabilities and consequent financial risk situations regarding companies associated with non-compliance with environmental regulations;
  • Excavated earth and rocks: TRS management in accordance with DM 161/2012 and Law 98/2013.


  • Geological and geomorphological surveying services to provide adequate maps representing the various lithologies, soils and deposits present in the areas examined.


  • Use of GIS software (ESRI AcrGIS, QGIS, GRASS) applied to spatial planning, geostatistical analysis, spatial analysis, 3D modeling, analysis of infrastructure networks, the creation of geo-databases for the collection and organization of information, the creation of geological maps and business planning;
  • Numerical modeling (software finite difference) of the evolution of slopes characterized by shallow landslides in deep rock. Study of the triggering mechanisms of landslides and natural and artificial slope stability.


  • Seismic characterization of soils (for building purposes and land use planning) through the use of seismographs;
  • Identification of buried objects and underground networks through the use of GPR systems (Ground Penetrating Radar) excavation purposes;
  • Identification of pollutant sources and chemical leaching in the ground through the use of geoelectrical and magnetometrical techniques;
  • Topographical precision surveys using GPS devices;
  • Provision of classification networks (coordinates of the points raised in the desired reference system) for georeferencing data and/or images captured by other surveying techniques.


Fotoionizzatore PID
Sonda Hanna HI98194
Pompa Hydrogea a 12 V


Hand-held monitor for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) provides superior reliability for leak detection and environmental cleanup and remediation. With a photoionization detector that measures from 0-5.000 ppm, a built-in flashlight, and a rugged housing designed for harsh environments, it could be used for a range of applications in the field of environmental geology.


The HI98194 is a waterproof portable logging multiparameter meter that monitors up to 12 different water quality parameters (6 measured, 6 calculated). The multisensor probe is equipped with an internal microprocessor for measuring fundamental parameters such as pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. The measurements are transferred in digital format from the probe to the instrument, which allows you to view and save the data.


The 12V DC, 3 stages pump for groundwater’s sampling with a maximum delivery height of 25 metres is equipped with a 25 metres cable, with two-way (male/female) terminal connectors that are easy to couple. It is also equipped with crocodile clips that are black for negative polarity and red for positive polarity. The pump is also equipped with interchangeable suction filter and can reach a flow rate of 12L / min.

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